Umbrella " Grande Natura"

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Sustainable wooden structure made of scalded beech treated with water-based varnish with canvas made of 100% sackcloth

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- Sustainable wooden structure made of scalded beech treated with water-based varnish
- Three degrees of opening
- Six sectors canvas
- Diameter 330 cm
- The sheet is made of sackcloth containing linen and cotton fibers

What is linen as a material

Linen has a very smooth surface with a matte gloss, hard to pollute, it never gets a fuzzy balls in its structure, easily absorbs water and dries easily. Linen is very resistant to tension, especially when it is wet. The fabric is extremely strong, as evidenced linen found in ancient Egyptian mummies remained until today.

Why canvas made of linen is good for your health

- Aromatherapy – The linen we use is raw. It is weaved in a controlled environment so that it can retain its natural color and flavor. This will guarantee safe fabric with no artificial dyes in it. As the smell of natural materials is very strong every time you use the umbrella, you will feel fresh smell of newly mown herbs.
- Reducing stress - Stress is all around us. Effective way of dealing with the effects of stress is clean air. Our umbrella is a great way to spend more time outside in nature or on the beach. In combination with natural scents of wood and linen, it will act as aromatherapy and purify you.
- LAUGHTER IS HEALTH! - Umbrella Natura Grande will contribute in a pleasant way for the luxury of your dinner or outdoor party. Share with friends the beauty of natural materials.
- Healthy Skin - Grande Natura is a sure-native and beautiful refuge from the harmful effects of UV radiation of the sun. Using it regularly, you will always have healthy skin and perfect tan without burning.