You may find the skill of knowing how to work with the sewing machine very ordinary. However this is a skill that is valued most in Publiidea LTD. We strive to reward individual work of each of our employees, adequate to the efforts and based on his professionalism. We are proud of the definition of the type of activity of our company, and it is - WE PRODUCE!! This is the secret of our overall corporate success.

We will welcome for sure young and ambitious people who have decided to learn the craft, and we will provide them with time, facilities and real production workshop performances.

Recruitment in Publiideya Ltd. has always been guided by our desire to reach the highest standards in the manufacture of work wear. We strive to build an ambitious and united team. We select our employees after carefully study of their personal and professional skills. We have a requirement for the applicants to submit detailed resume and photo. Friendly atmosphere is invariably provided in our working environment. If you want to directly connect with our head in the sewing shop the phone number is - 00359 884 350 468.