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About Publiidea

Publiidea Ltd. was set up in 1996. Its main activity is the production of work clothing and uniforms. We have our own production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment in the cities of Varna and Provadia. We invest in equipment that meets modern requirements and guarantees excellent workmanship of the manufactured products.We work with a CAD/CAM system ensuring accurate and precise creation and grading of models with minimal material consumption. This allows us to produce not only garments and textile products based on our designs, but also products based on clients’ clothing designs. A team of more than 40 specialists with high qualification and long experience ensures the excellent and uncompromising quality of all manufactured and offered products.

From several years we are working on new products in two main categories:

Publiidea Ltd. was certified according under ISO9001: 2008 in April 2013.

In Bulgaria we work with some of the biggest companies in the country: Shipyard Odessos JSC, Fraport Twin Star Airport Management JSC, Avtomagistrali – Cherno More JSC, Ingstroyengineering Ltd, Agropolychim JSC, Eldominvest Ltd, PCHMV JSC, Port Varna JSC, Quadrant Beverages JSC /Pepsi/, Unilever Bulgaria and others. Most of these companies have more than 500 employees. We supply also Metro stores throughout Bulgaria with various types of textile products manufactured by our company. We also work with foreign companies in different countries: Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands and others.

Our corporate principles are:

Respect and trust.

Professional competence.

Technological improvement.

Enhancement of the scope of products and service.

High quality at competitive prices.